Inclusions are fossilized bits of flora and fauna (the Latin word include means to pull / draw into, to put into, to lock up). Inclusions are found only in stratified amber, which formed while large quantities of resin were stratifying.  Insects and bits of plants would cover them. The process cold repeat itself for many times till glass coffins would form fossilizing inside plants and insects. They have preserved for millions; years even with the curly substances (cetin and chitin).

Only 8% bigger pieces are fond with inclusions. Nevertheless they reveal much important information on evolution of various forms of life and also on amber forests, their flora and fauna.
About 3000 species of fauna are fossilized in amber. The Palanga Amber Museum has the collections of 15 000 inclusions. About 48,2% of them are flies and mosquitoes - dipteral, very active and agile insects. There are many ants (14,7%), spiders (11,3%), beetles (10,3%) and other living beings that were multiplying an or inside the bark or on soil. Inclusions of small field and meadow fauna are extremely rare: inclusions of orthoptera make 0,4%, of butterflies - 0,1%.
Even more rare are inclusions of bigger animals - mammals, birds, crawfish, etc. In the collection of the Museum there is and inclusion of a reptile (show - case 13).
It is interesting those inclusions of flora make only 0,4%. The reason for this was that the time when excreting did not coincide with the time when trees were shedding their leaves and needles. Only damaged and withered bits of plants would get into amber.
Fragments of inclusions.
Photos from the book  V. Katinas „Baltijos gintaras“. V., 1983



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