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(Gintarinė Palanga. Palanga, Palanga information center. P. 10)

1161 The name of Palanga was first mentioned.
1253 The name of Palanga was mentioned in German Order sources.
1435 According to Brest Peace Treaty Palanga was given back to Lithuania
1596 Palanga church was founded.
1707 Sventoji harbor was destroyed by Swedish fleet
1879 Palanga was annexed by Kursh province.
1824 Count Mykolas Tiskevicius bought Palanga.
1827 The first chemist's was open.
1886 Progymnasium was established in Palanga.
1891-1892 Navigation school was established in Sventoji.
1897 The building of Count Tiskevicius palace was finished.
1899 08 20 The first Lithuanian play „Amerika pirtyje“ was performed.
1907 Neo gothic church was finished.
1975 03 23 Palanga was occupied by the German army
1979 XI Palanga was occupied by the Latvian army
1927 03 27 Palanga and Sventoji were returned to Lithuania.
1923-7925 Port was being built in Sventoji.
1933 Palanga received town's rights.
1938 The great fire in Palanga.
1947 06 22 Palanga was occupied by the German army
1944 10 10 Palanga was occupied by the Soviet army
1952 Palanga received Republican subordination rights.
1963 The Amber Museum was opened in Palanga.
1973 Sventoji settlement was included in the boundaries of Palanga town.
1998 New pier built.
1999 07 10 House-museum of the artist Antanas Moncys was opened in Palanga.
2001 12 26 Church named in honor to Ivera icon of God's Mother was built
2002 08 25 The oldest symbol of Palanga resort - the Kurhaus burned down.
2003 Palanga town is celebrating 750 years' anniversary.

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