Stase Martinaityte-Silgaliene


P. Marinaitis and his wife. Photo from the archives of S. Silgaliene

P. Marinaitis. Photo from the archives of S. Silgaliene
Pranas Martinaitis (1898 01 01-1972 11 25) studied in Berlin Gardener School in 1918-1920. Later he worked as Kaunas town gardener. In 1944-1954 he was deported to Karaganda lager by Soviets. He was the head of Palanga park after the return.
Prepared by: Martinaityte-Silgaliene S. Gardener Pranas Martinaitis // Lietuvos zeldynu ateitis /sud. Regimantas Pilkauskas. - Vilnius: Publishing Office of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, 2001. P. 161

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