Vaida Atiene, Lidija Mineikyte, Neringa Vaitkute

Fragments of the Central Path of Palanga Botanical Park. Photos by Danute Mukiene, Aldas Zolys

Object of research - the main spaces of central Botanical park path: “Egles zalciu karalienes”, “Didziosios egles”, “Didziojo parterio”, “,Rozyno”, “Birutes kalno”.
Purposes of research - analysis of the main old park part central path spaces; estimate of the main natural and cultural components of park.
1) visual observation and fotoficsation of research object;
2) cartographic material analysis of the park;
3) analysis of park history and genesis;
4) existing condition analysis of park;
5) dendrological analysis of park;
6) visual analysis of park researched spaces situation of green plantations, theirs amount and existing conditions, range of colours, silhouette, composition of all parks elements and interrelation, harmony, their emotional influence to visitors;
7) sociological interrogatory;
8) treatment of sociological interrogatory information;
9) comparative analysis of World towns parks;
10) study of special literature about landscape architecture and parks researches and planning methodics.
Architect V. Atiene and students of recreational architecture L. Mineikyte and N. Vaitkute made two experimental questionnaires and fulfilled the sociological interrogatory in 1997.
The purpose of the first questionnaire the establishment of the emotional influences to visitors of the Palanga town Botanical park central path spaces. The results of questionnaire are in the cartogram number 1. They represent the emotional influence to parks visitors curve which is the general conclusion of all respondents answers.
The purpose of the second questionnaire is the estimate of the natural and cultural components of the main Botanical park. The results of the questionnaire are in the figure number 1.
All the material are presented in the graphical and text parts.
The experimental research of Palanga town Botanical park central path spaces demonstrated, that indispensable serious attitude to Botanical park of scientists, societies, governments if we want safe unique natural, cultural, recreational complex. So the researches works of park architectural landscaping spaces will be continued in the future.
Prepared by: Atiene V., Mineikyte L., Vaitkute N. The research of emotional influence to visitors of the central path spaces of Palanga town botanical park // Lietuvos zeldynu ateitis /sud. Regimantas Pilkauskas. - Vilnius: Publishing Office of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, 2001. P. 80.



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