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Édouard François André:
a creator of park

The architect E. F. Andre.
The model of the park

É. F. André (1840–1911)
book's  „L‘ Art des Jardins“
(Paris, 1879 m.) cover


Palanga park is one of the most beautiful scenery parks in the Lithuania. It was founded by count F. Tiškevičius in 1895-1898. The author of prject was famous at the time French scenery architect Edward Fransua Andrė. Belgian gardener Buyssens de Coulon supervised the work of Park foundation. It is thought that approximately 500 miscellaneous species and forms of rare trees and bushes grew in the park at that time. The park suffered damages during World War I and II. In 1960 a state establishment - Palanga botanical park - was founded on its basis. At the present moment the park occupies the area of 86 ha. The park is in the area of calm rest in Palanga resort and it is used for rest, medical, cure, aesthetic and ecalogical education.

Photos by Danutė Mukienė, Juozas Baltiejus, Kazimieras Urbonavičius


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